Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad News for UConn Basketball

UConn was in the news today for reasons unrelated to the Purdue game: there are allegations of recruiting violations related to Nate Miles, a guard who is now playing for the College of Southern Idaho (he was expelled from UConn for violating a restraining order).

I always have a hard time following the thread of recruiting violation stories, but I think there are two layers of problem here: (1) thousands (!) of calls and text messages between tcoaches and a student manager Josh Nochimson (who's now an agent and who was acting as Miles' adviser) and (2) more communication between UConn and Miles than is permitted under NCAA regulations.

151. How many full-time staff does the NCAA employ? Of these, how many are lawyers? Do they bring in independent-contractor investigators for situations like this?

152. Among college coaches, who is the most respected by the other coaches? Roy Williams? Tom Izzo (he seems pretty likeable to me)? My hunch is that other coaches might not like Jim Calhoun, although the media is generally pretty laudatory with him.

153. Did UVa interview Anthony Grant? I heard today that he signed a contract with Alabama, and I had a feeling we weren't going to pursue him, but did we talk to him at all?

154. Is Billy Packer on television at all for this year's tournament? Did a cable network pick him up? Did CBS push him out because of the grumpiness factor or did they just think he'd lost a step? I'm not all that impressed with Clark Kellogg as a game announcer.

155. Does Bill Raftery still run his broadcasting camp?

This is hilarious: I just Wikipedia'd Bill Raftery to make sure I was spelling his name right, and they have an ENORMOUSLY long list of his ridiculous sayings. A sample:
  • "A little ricochet romance!"
  • "Get the puppies set!"
  • "He can do it all; let him into the band!"
  • "(insert player's name) with some early onions!"
  • "Fill the lane! Provide the lift!"
  • "He can make you ask for your mommy."
  • "Walter at the altar: High Mass!"
  • "Bottle of blackout!"
  • "Divine intervention!
156. Did the NCAA make the TV timeouts longer for the tournament? Last weekend they seemed incredibly long.

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