Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elections in India

This amazing picture is in yesterday's New York Times (here). It was taken by Daniel Berehulak of Getty Images. The context for the picture is an article about India's Parliamentary elections, which begin on Thursday (results are not announced until May 16, so evidently the elections are a month-long process).

In the article, Somini Sengupta reports that India has already had three economic stimulus packages. He says that India has avoided some of the worst effects of the depression.

Rahul Gandhi (Sonia's 38 year old son) is running for office. Sonia recently praised Indira Gandhi for her foresight in nationalizing India's banks in the 1970's.

196. Is Sengupta right about avoiding the recession? The Matthews India fund has gotten absolutely hammered (even more so than China).

197. Is this the first time Rahul Gandhi has run? I remember hearing speculation about his political future (or not) while I was there, but I guess I thought he was already an elected official.

198. The article mentions a slowdown in road building in India. Has the growth of the fast growing suburbs (like Gurgaon) also slowed?

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