Tuesday, April 7, 2009

McIntire Park Wading Pool, Part III

City Council voted last night, 5-0, to keep the wading pool open and allocate $20,000+ to make the repairs to bring the pool into compliance with the federal drain safety law.

I watched the meeting, and both public commenters and certain councilors (Dave Norris and David Brown, in particular) alluded to the "big picture" of the Meadowcreek Parkway, but Council did not directly confront the issue of whether maintaining the pool is at all feasible if the McIntire Road interchange is as large as it looks in the drawings. In this sense, I felt like they kind of kicked the can down the road in terms of making the hard decision about the future of the wading pool.

A funny comment on The Hook's message board last week: one person wrote eloquently on side or the other of the issue, and then signed off with "Oh and by the way, I peed in the wading pool in 1971."

190. As a parenthetical, it's interesting that the federal government regulates pool drainage -- is there a federalism issue there (the level of effect on interstate commerce?) similar to that implicated in the Lopez decision?

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