Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Tom Perriello

There is a good review, by Brian McNeill in today's Daily Progress (here), of Tom Perriello's first 100 days in Congress.

The article says that Perriello "can safely be called a Blue Dog Democrat," however he's not listed as a member on the website for the "Blue Dog Coalition."

208. Has he officially joined the Blue Dogs? If not, is he planning to? There are no Virginians listed on the website.

In terms of the big issue votes this winter/early spring, the article says that Perriello voted for the stimulus package but against Obama's budget.

I was very surprised to learn that he joined a letter that opposes Attorney General Eric Holder's proposal to reinstate the assault weapons ban -- the letter says
These are not the firearms used by our soldiers or drug cartels, these are firearms designed for law-abiding citizens to use for sport, hunting and protecting their homes and families ... Make no mistake about it, banning these guns only serves to remove them from law-abiding citizens. This position may be good politics (I guess it's necessary, in order to defeat Goode in 2010?), but it is horrible policy.

It sounds like Tom is continuing his emphasis on volunteerism -- great anecdote about his work at a DC elementary school, and he's also helped on a bill that forms a "reserve corps" of past Americorp volunteers.

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