Sunday, May 17, 2009

Barracks Road Rent Increase?

There's a very interesting piece (here) in today's Progress about Hotcakes's lease at Barracks Road coming up for renewal and the landlord (Federal Realty) asking for a 30% rent increase.

The owners of Hotcakes have kind words for the landlord but say they're frustrated with the dramatic size of the increase. They also state that they may look elsewhere for space.

225. The fascinating aspect of this article is the reporting -- how did the writer (Brian McNeill) learn about private lease negotiations? Did one side or the other contact McNeill in order to publicize the issue and thereby influence the negotiations?

226. Are there still A&P's in other parts of the country? The A&P at Barracks Road was probably the grocery store that I remember most from being a kid.

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