Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Night Lights, Part II

In Season Two, Landry and Tyra get together -- a matching I didn't see coming but which makes sense, in retrospect, as a way to keep the audience guessing as to how characters will develop as the series continues.

I like the actor who portrays Landry; his portrayal of teenage insecurity, interspersed with bursts of ego and confidence, strikes me as a pretty accurate portrayal of a 17-year old. The subplot of his killing Tyra's attacker was way-over-the-top melodrama, but now that they've gotten past that storyline I am enjoying his struggling with Tyra's moving on from him to the football star from a rival high school.

Tami Taylor is becoming more and more of a focus, in particular her conflicts with her hesitant-to-grow-up sister and her overprotectiveness with daughter Julie. She's convincing in the role (although the amount of cleavage, for a high school guidance counselor, is about as realistic as the Landry murder plot), as she struggles to remain young and vibrant but also is a responsible mom and counselor.

There's been very little football in Season Two, and I'd like a bit more focus on the insularity of small town rural life. These characters' lives are so drama-filled that there doesn't seem to be any examination of the boredom of being a teenager in small town America (a topic which, in my opinion, was best explored in "Boys Don't Cry").

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