Monday, July 27, 2009

Grocery Store Opening on Market Street

Rachana Dixit has an article in this morning's Progress (here) about the new grocery store opening downtown.

The store, the Market Street Market, is being opened by father/son team Raphael and Steven Strumlauf. The space, approximately 3,400 square foot, is at 400 East Market Street. Dixit's article recounts the history of grocery stores (and attempts at grocery stores) downtown; she writes that Reid's was located in "downtown proper" until 1982 and also mentions the history of grocery stores located in the current Staples location.

262. Where was the Reid's? I don't remember it being on the Mall -- was it on Market or Water Street? Speaking of Reid's, they continue to make improvements to both the inside and outside of the store. I haven't noticed that it's gotten busier but I assume that it will begin to attract more shoppers.

263. What happened to the possibility of relocating the main branch of the Jefferson Madison library on 4th Street (in the old Jefferson School building)? Is that still being discussed?

264. Are any prospective tenants looking at the A&N site?

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