Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Smart Perspective on the Meadowcreek Parkway

This evening I found a post (here) on Mayor Dave Norris's blog in which he reprints a letter from Professor A.E. Dick Howard making a strong case against the Meadowcreek Parkway.

Professor Howard's most interesting point is that the Parkway will serve County interests (and, in particular, the interests of developers with County projects) by facilitating traffic movement from one part of the County to another (for instance, from 29 North to Biscuit Run), with little or no benefit to City residents.

I completely agree with Howard's prediction that, once built, there will be inevitable pressure to expand the Parkway to four lanes. Also, his argument for why the "three-split" of the project should be disregarded by the courts (and a federal environmental review therefore required) is spot-on.

Finally, I had no idea that the contractors for the 250 interchange project were involved with the Woodrow Wilson bridge -- very depressing.

254. What are the Rock Hill gardens? How long have they been there? Do many people visit them? I feel like I've heard of them but have no memory of having been there.

255. What's the basis for Professor Howard's theory that McIntire Road would become a rental-property area? I assume his idea is that the neighborhood would become less appealing to property owners, but what's his evidence on this point?

256. If you polled everyone on Park Street, would the majority be pro- or anti- Meadowcreek Parkway? I always assumed pro-, which made me surprised when I saw Professor Howard's address.

257. Where does the injunction litigation stand, following Judge Swett's ruling? Has the time period for an appeal passed?

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