Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fantasy 2009: Big Years for Steve Slaton and Drew Brees?

Fantasy drafts are coming up this week and next.

In Dewey I'm struggling with the 3rd overall pick - choosing between L.T., DeAngelo Williams, and Frank Gore. I think there's too much risk of Williams platooning with Jonathan Stewart and I like the thought of rooting for L.T. as he becomes the old-timer.

Here are my rankings:


1. Adrian Peterson – The consensus #1, although DeAngelo Williams produced more points last year. Last year: 1,489 rushing yards and 14 TD’s.

2. Michael TurnerMatthew Berry, who does the Fantasy podcast I listen to, actually ranks Turner #1, in part based on the strong supporting cast in Atlanta (including Matt Ryan and Roddy White). Turner went to Northern Illinois and is in his 6th season. Last year: 1,275 rushing yards and 12 TD’s.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew – I’ve heard him interviewed on sports radio and like his attitude. But, I can’t imagine the Jags will be good this year.

4. Matt Forte Jay Cutler’s on board as the Chicago QB. Last year Forte had 1,163 rushing and 397 receiving yards, plus 10 overall TD’s.

5. LaDanian Tomlinson. He just turned 30. I think he, and the Chargers, are in for a good season, but the wildcard is how many carries Darren Sproles will get.

6. Steve SlatonChris Brown could get short-yardage (goal-line) carries. Last year: 1,244 rushing yards, 291 receiving yards, 9 overall TD’s.


1. Larry Fitzgerald – Consensus #1 WR and an overall top 5 in many rankings.

2. Andre Johnson – I am counting on Owen Daniels to produce for me at TE in Dewey, and I’m also expecting big things from Slaton this year. Is it too much to expect that those two and Johnson will all have big years? Went to Miami and is in his 7th season. Last year: 1,509 yards and 9 TD’s.

3. Calvin Johnson – If Matthew Stafford starts, will he and Johnson develop chemistry? Last year: 1,396 yards and 11 TD’s.

4. Reggie Wayne – An old stand-by who I think will put up good numbers this year.

5. Steve Smith – Heard a great interview with him on Jim Rome this past week – Smith talked about playing backyard football with his 11-year old son and how meaningful it is. Notwithstanding his cockiness, the interview made me a fan and I’ll root for him this year. Went to Utah for college (!). Last year: 1,196 and 7 TD’s.

6. Marques Colston – If Drew Brees is really going to be as good as people say, he’ll have to throw a bunch to Colston. Went to Hofstra. Last year: 1,063 and 10 TD’s.

I think Randy Moss is due for an off-year (perhaps Brady gets hurt again?). I’m not sure on Greg Jennings – somebody on talk radio said that Aaron Rodgers could be this year’s MVP.


1. Drew Brees – I’m buying the hype.

2. Peyton Manning – Many rankings have him below Tom Brady, but I’d always take Manning before Brady (except, maybe, in the AFC Championship). Last year: 4,375 yards, 30 TD’s, 12 INT’s.

3. Aaron Rodgers – I hadn’t realized he threw for over 4,000 yards last season – and that’s with several games in Green Bay in the cold. Last year: 4,081 yards, 27 TD’s, 14 INT’s.

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