Monday, August 10, 2009

Hillary Clinton in South Africa

Hillary Clinton is currently on her extended visit to Africa. Over the weekend she was in South Africa and met with President Jacob Zuma.

The NYT reported that Clinton is making an effort to rejuvenate the US/South Africa relationship after it suffered during Thabo Mbeki's presidency because of Mbeki's belief that HIV does not cause AIDS. The US spends about $550 million on treatment and testing of AIDS in South Africa.

In addition to being enthusiastic about President Zuma's different stance on AIDS, Clinton is pushing him to be more assertive in condemning Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe for his crackdown on opposition politicians and media.

In Cape Town, Clinton visited a community housing project that she'd visited twice when Bill was President (the Times reports that Clinton has an impressive aversion to jet lag and is filling her days in Africa with tons of activities and meetings).

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