Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kathleen Parker on Faith-Based Initiatives

Kathleen Parker has a provocative piece in this morning's Washington Post (here) in which she points out that President Obama has expanded the role of "faith-based initiatives" in his Administration but not received anywhere near the same scrutiny as did Bush when he first implemented the program.

Parker posits that part of the explanation is the (mainstream) media's relative agreement with Obama's underling policy initiatives (on which the faith-based office cooperates) versus their suspicion of (or disagreement with) most of Bush's policies.

I'm becoming a fan of Parker's analyses. She's kind of in the Richard Cohen school of unpredictability because of her moderation. Whereas Cohen leans liberal, Parker leans conservative, but in both cases they offer more fresh perspective than the writers who too consistently take one side or the other.

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