Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michael Vick Signs With The Eagles

Michael Vick had his first practice today with the Eagles.

I haven't seen the video of his press conference from yesterday, but Dad says he came across as genuinely contrite.

Michael Wilbon, in today's Post (here), gives credit to Jeffrey Lurie (the Eagles' owner) for giving Vick a shot at redemption.

Lurie: "This is not a slam dunk ... Michael's going to have to absolutely be committed to being proactive. I hope as we go forward Michael will prove his value to society. My own measurement will be if he is able to diminish the level of animal cruelty ... If he's not proactive, he will not be on the team because that's part of the agreement."

Other NFL news:
  1. Jason Campbell is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. I cannot even remember the last time a Skin made the cover.

  2. The fantasy magazines are picking Drew Brees as the number one quarterback. This surprises me - I assume it's because Marques Colston will be back for the full season (he missed five games last year) and Brees threw for 5,000 yards last year even without him.

  3. Speaking of fantasy, Adrian Peterson is the consensus No. 1 choice; pick No. 2 (which Dad, Tuck and I discussed lots this week as Dad has it) is between Maurice Jones-Drew, Michael Turner, and Matt Forte.

  4. Jay Cutler (who was traded for Kyle Orton and two draft picks) will debut with the Bears. Cutler's 2008 stats: Attempts 616; Completions 384; Yards 4,457; TD 25; Int 18; Rating 86.0

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