Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Redskins Look Bad

Having a great time watching football and watching fantasy scores with Dan... the Skins are losing 13-7 to the Lions in the 3rd quarter, and it's not pretty.

306. Brian Orakpo just celebrated wildly after sacking Matthew Stafford. Why is it that the Redskins attract so many players who would celebrate a not-that-unusual play while losing to the worst team in the league?

307. If we lose, how many articles in the WP sports section this week about the likelihood of Jim Zorn making it through the entire year?

308. Any chance Todd Collins plays in the next couple of weeks, if we lose today?

309. What does Frank Herzog do nowadays? Does he still listen to the games? Is he incredibly happy that he no longer has to sit through the disasters and try to find good things to say about the Skins' prospects?

310. Is there any chance Matt Ryan puts together a big 4th quarter to bring me back within striking range in Dewey? I'm currently losing 88-16 to the Bombardiers, and wishing I'd held off on Ryan and played Ben Roethlisberger.

311. Tuck and Dan traded Steve Slaton (with Percy Harvin) for Tom Brady last week. Slaton and Brady are both playing like duds so far this year. Which one is more likely to turn it around?

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