Sunday, September 13, 2009

TCU: 30, UVa: 14 -- The Cavs' Offense is Bad, with Javaris Brown as One Bright Spot

Chap and I went to the UVa/Texas Christian game yesterday. It was a perfect day for football - mid 70's with a slight occasional breeze. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers are really bad -- as bad, I think, as I can remember them being in a very long time.

Actually, I should modify that statement. The defense looked relatively promising, particularly considering that TCU's quarterback -- Andy Dalton -- is clearly quite good.

Our offense, though, struggled mightily. The pass protection was dreadful (8 sacks, which is the most in more than a decade), and Jameel Sewell kept running the same odd draw/sweep to the left that gained 2-3 yards each time. One bright spot was that we only turned the ball over once, but it's clearly not good to be reaching that hard for the positives.

The picture is of Javaris Brown after catching a 50+ yard, beautifully-lofted pass from Sewell -- this play was definitely the highlight of the game for the Cavs (and fun as it happened right in the corner of the endzone where we were sitting).
Here's the most telling aspect of yesterday's game: the crowd of 48,336 was the smallest in more than a decade. I couldn't believe the number of people Chap mentioned having cancelled their tickets - I feel like almost everyone I knew who used to have tickets (in most cases, like Dad, for many, many years) has now cancelled.

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