Saturday, October 17, 2009

C. C. Sabathia (and the Yankees), Landry Jones (and the Sooners), and Rashawn Jackson (and the Hoos!)

I watched the Yankees/Angels in the first game of the ALCS last night. The Yanks won, 4-1, in chilly New York.

I had not watched a baseball game this year and it was fun - Yankees' pitcher C. C. Sabathia pitched a very nice game and the Angels couldn't put together more than a couple of hits in any inning. Here's Angel Torii Hunter on Sabathia:Blockquote
"C. C. Sabathia was good, man. You’ve got to give him credit. I tip my hat to him. We tried to get to him, I tried to put a bunt down, and he showed me his athletic ability, his basketball skills and everything. So, C. C.’s the real deal, man."
Hunter was referring to a sweet bunt in the 5th inning in which Sabathia was able to throw him out (on a call that Mike Scioscia argued vigorously). Here's a photo of the play, by Chang W. Lee in today's Times:

Today, Texas beat Oklahoma (for the fourth time in five years!), 16-13. The biggest story of the game was that Sam Bradford injured his shoulder - again - in the first quarter. I assume that the story this week will be that Bradford erred by not turning pro after last year.

Bradford was replaced by Landry Jones, who I felt bad for - particularly in the fourth quarter when he threw interceptions on consecutive drives.

Colt McCoy also played poorly (21 of 40 for 127 yards and 1 interception), but he made a clutch touchdown-saving tackle during the return of his 4th quarter interception.
The Cavs won for the third time in a row, beating Maryland 20-9 after trailing 9-3 late in the third quarter. I always love when we beat Maryland, be it in football or basketball. I'm not sure why (I like beating them in basketball even more than Duke and Carolina), but I think it has to do with Gary Williams rubbing me the wrong way.

Rashawn Jackson -- a senior fullback who had very few carries in his entire career on the team -- ran for 90 yards and a touchdown, and Nate Collins had a 32 yard interception return for a touchdown.

Here's a picture of Vic Hall (by Nick Wass, on the Post's website) from today's game.

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