Friday, October 2, 2009

U2 is Fantastic at Scott Stadium

We went to the U2 show at Scott Stadium last night. It was absolutely great. The aerial picture, above, is from The Hook's website and review of the show (here).

First off, the night could not have been more perfect, with cool fall temperatures and a beautiful almost-full moon rising behind the stage. The stage was funky (Bono called it "our space junk") and I loved the way they used the video screens to color and amp-up the energy.

Second, the openers -- a British group called Muse which evidently specializes in heavy-beat anthems -- were fun. The drummer was a showman (a theme of the night, as I loved watching Larry Mullen Jr.'s pounding, intense style) and although I didn't recognize a single song I liked a bunch of them.

Third, U2 was just amazing. They were so pumped up. I particularly liked the way they seemed to enjoy each other's company and build off each other's -- and the crowd's -- energy. Bono's charisma was unlike anything else I've seen (even Springsteen); he is the ultimate rock star.

My favorite piece was "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (the Edge's guitar was just right, the classic U2 style); the rendition of "Go Crazy Tonight" was one of many spectacular rock moments of the evening, and the dedication of "Walk On" to Aung Sun Suu Kyi, and Desmond Tutu's call to activism, provided a political and inspirational overtone.

The picture of Bono and the Edge is by Megan Lovett from The Daily Progress's website.

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