Monday, January 11, 2010

Cardinals - 51, Packers - 45: A Game for the Ages

Last night the Cardinals beat the Packers, 51-45 in overtime, in an absolutely epic game.

Both Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers played amazingly (pinpoint spirals that were led just right), as did their receivers (Greg Jennings' one-handed catch for a touchdown was a thing of beauty). Warner was 29 of 33 for 379 yards and 5 touchdowns (Wilbon this morning: "Try and find the last time a quarterback threw more touchdowns than incompletions"). Rodgers led a masterful comeback after the Packers were down 31-10.

If I could have any quarterback in the league for the next ten years, I'd definitely take Rodgers. The guy's poise -- and his ability to scramble -- are awesome. And watching Warner last night was just special - I can't quite think of the right analogy but it must have
to do with Rembrandt or Galileo at work in late-prime.


Dad and I had telephone conversations that bookended the game: the first lamented the blowouts of the weekend (the Cowboys crushed the Eagles on Saturday, and Baltimore got up 24-0 on the Patriots and never looked back), but during the second we reveled in the excitement of one of the great games of all time.

This is Karlos Dansby, after returning the fumble/interception (which was it?) that won the game for the Cards in overtime. The picture is by Jeff Gross of Getty Images.

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  1. Rodgers over the Sanchize? I don't know. There could have potentially been a prolific Sanchize/Shanchize (as in Mike) marriage that would have yielded many playoff trips for years to come. I vote for those that are still playing...the Jets.