Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cavaliers Beat Georgia Tech and Mike Scott Has an AWESOME Dunk

UVa beat Georgia Tech on Wednesday night, 82-75!!!

Tech was ranked #18 and had recently beaten Duke. We've now beaten State on the road and a Top 20 team -- is there actually reason for hope for UVa hoops?! That would be such a nice change of events.

We went and saw Willy play at Starr Hill on Wednesday night (he was amazing, as usual), and Martin came late from the game. He immediately mentioned a lob-to-himself-dunk by Mike Scott that sounded so ridiculous that I did not entirely believe the description. AND YET, there's an entire article in this morning's Progress (by Whitey Reid, here) about the dunk.

Here's an exerpt from Reid's description:

The Chesapeake native got the ball on the fastbreak and lobbed a pass to himself, then, all in one motion, dunked the ball. “I was just trying to get my teammates fired up,” Scott said. The aerial display, while highly entertaining, didn’t seem to please Virginia coach Tony Bennett. “He’s lucky he didn’t get called for a travel,” Bennett said.

I understand that Bennett has to "criticize" the play for-the-record, but he must have been pretty dang psyched to see a play like that which can energize both the team and an entire fan base.


Speaking of William: he gets better every time I hear him.

I just love the way he can swing from high to low as well as the way that his voice blends perfectly with his guitar-playing. I also dig that uniquely Willy smile that comes out when he's performing.

Here's a picture from William's website (

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