Sunday, January 17, 2010

Divisional Playoffs: The Vikings and Sidney Rice Beat the Cowboys

This picture from today's game is by Charlie Niebergall of the AP.

None of the three divisional games this weekend has been close, but the great news is that the Vikings crushed Dallas, 34-3.

The picture above is of Sidney Rice, who along with Brett Favre and the entire Vikings defense played tremendously. Rice had three touchdown catches, including one where he made a block, fell down, got back up and got open for the catch.

Favre threw his fourth touchdown on a fourth down at the very end of the game; Terry Bradshaw complained that it was unsportsmanlike (and Keith Brooking hollered at the Minnesota sideline), but Jimmy Johnson countered that it's Dallas's job to stop the Minnesota offense.

Jared Allen leads the Minnesota defense, and like the Colts D yesterday, they got lots of pressure on the quarterback and thereby dictated the entire tone of the game.

The other scores from yesterday:

New Orleans - 45, Arizona - 14 -- I was rooting for Kurt Warner but after a first-play long touchdown run by Tim Hightower (after which I thought the Cards were in good shape), Drew Brees and Marcus Colston led the Saints on an offensive explosion -- and Reggie Bush had both a long run for a touchdown and a long punt return touchdown.

Indianapolis - 20, Baltimore - 3 -- The game was tied 3 to 3 towards the end of the first half, but Peyton Manning threw three TD's in the last 2:05 and Ray Rice could never get the running game going for the Ravens.

Dallas Clark had 7 catches for 59 yards in yesterday's game. This picture is by Darron Cummings.

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