Monday, January 4, 2010

Iraq: Efforts to Ban Alcohol

Ernesto Londono reports in this morning's Washington Post (here) that there is an increasing movement to restrict (or to ban outright) the sale of alcohol in Iraq.

Londono writes that this is illustrative of a broader trend towards more conservative social policies in Iraq:
In recent months, the pendulum has veered toward conservative mores. Government officials, including many competing in the upcoming parliamentary election, have sought to impose stricter limits on alcohol consumption and coeducational schools.
He reports that most liquor stores in Iraq are owned by Christians, and that during the period of Saddam Hussein's rule there was an active nightclub scene in Baghdad.


The Iraqi elections are now scheduled for March 7. Since October, I have not seen any further references to the State of Law coalition (my post is here). Is al-Maliki still planning to running as a State of Law candidate?

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