Thursday, April 15, 2010

Laura Marling's Rambling Man

I have found tons of good music recently, and the best of all is Laura Marling's Rambling Man. I came across it last weekend while browsing through the Singers/Songwriters section on iTunes, and I'm going to say it's my favorite song so far of 2010. I love the lyrics, the beat, Marling's voice, and the emphatic guitar part on the refrain.

Marling is British, and Rambling Man is from the album "I Speak Because I Can" which came out in March and is currently #4 on the British album charts. She was in the band Noah and the Whale - I've heard of them but do know any of their stuff off the top of my head. I see where she got some love from NPR Music in 2009. I have a feeling that Rambling Man could become a popular song. I'm not sure what I mean by "popular," but her first album only reached #45 on the British charts, and this one is already at #4 so she's clearly drawing some fans.

"Give me to the rambling man, let it always be known that I was who I am."

I love this line!

Other good stuff I've been listening to recently:

Jakob Dylan's They've Trapped Us Boys

Carrie Newcomer's There is a Tree

Horse Feathers' Thistled Spring

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