Saturday, April 24, 2010

Questions About the Financial Reform Legislation

For the past couple of weeks, a major story has been President Obama's push to pass financial industry reform legislation. Some of my questions about it:

432. Mark Warner seems to be one of the Democrats who is leading the charge. Did he volunteer to take a major role on this legislation, or was he recruited based on his own background as a businessman?

433. Will any of the Republicans break ranks when the cloture vote occurs on Monday? Bob Corker, perhaps -- he's been involved in negotiating it, and he contradicted Mitch McConnell's claim that the $50 billion bank-funded reserve is a recipe for future bailouts. What about my old fave moderates, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe?

434. What will be the enforcement mechanism for the new regulations? I understand there's going to be an empowered consumer financial protection agency, but will the other new regs be overseen by the SEC or some other entity?

435. Tom Perriello appeared on Rob Schilling's show this week to debate the health care legislation -- we listened to the podcast of it and I thought Tom was outstanding in rationally responding to the Republican critiques. I continue to enjoy Schilling's show most of the times I hear snippets, even though I disagree with the majority of his politics -- what percentage of the show's listeners are non-conservatives?

436. The Obamas are in Asheville, North Carolina for a relaxation weekend. What are they doing with their brief bit of free time? Is he golfing? Reading a lot? Does he jog at all?

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