Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bushehr Facility Opens in Iran

This picture is by Atta Kenare of Agence France-Presse and is from today's New York Times.

According to an article in today's Times (here), the Iranian nuclear reactor at Bushehr is now open (though not yet operational, if I understand the article correctly).  The Russians and Iranians held a ceremony today to mark the opening.

This is Iran's first nuclear power plant, and I gather that the Russians take the position that their participation in the project makes it more likely that the plant can only be used for peaceful purposes. 

Russian technicians will operate the plant for the next 2-3 years and gradually hand over responsibility to the Iranians.

465. Are there any Americans who are part of the IAEA inspection teams for Bushehr? Is the inspection process ongoing, or does the IAEA only inspect places like Bushehr periodically?

466. Who is the highest ranking official in the US government who speaks Farsi?  I think Admiral Mullen speaks multiple languages, but I'm not sure that Persian is one of them.


We've had a wonderful trip up the east coast over the course of the week and have arrived in Maine for Ben's wedding.  The water, sunshine and lush green grass are beautiful and the cool weather feels like fall. I had a great run with Billy through town this morning and enjoyed hearing what he's up to in southern California.  I have not followed the news very closely this week but downloaded the Slate Gabfest and Diane Rehm's Friday Roundup so will catch up some during the drive home.

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