Thursday, September 23, 2010

Griffin House's "The Learner"

I met her down in Tennessee

Went by the name of Amily

She was a character anyone could see

She had eyes just for me.

From "River City Lights"

I've been looking for the next Marc Cohn / Bruce Hornsby for many years. Simple melody that stays with you, awesome voice, themes that cross lots of lives.

A find along those lines: Griffin House

I'd never heard of him before tonight. He's from Ohio and now lives in Nashville; evidently he's been around since about 2004 and has gradually gained a bigger following.

I guess I could stick around, I could waste another day

I could grow old in this town, just dreaming my life away

But there's a road out there I know, and there's something at the end

I can feel it in my soul, it's just around the bend

And I'm on my own coming down the road

The above is from "Coming Down the Road."

471. Is songwriting learned or already inside you?  Similarly, writing fiction: is this more of a skill that can be practiced or is it something you either have or don't?

472. How much music do musicians (people who make their living from music) listen to?  Who listens to the most?  Do they listen with headphones or speakers?  Do they talk a lot about other musicians?

473. Which musicians did Mozart admire?  Beethoven?  How about John Lennon? 

474.  Will music change now that there's so much more access to it?  Why does music make you feel good in your brain?  Are their psychological and/or biological explanations?

475.  Robert Byrd played the banjo (this came out after his death this year).  Which current political leaders are musically inclined?

476. What are the similarities and differences between learning a language and learning music?

477.  Will there be any song in the remainder of 2010 that's as popular as "California Girls"?

I love the album name "The Learner" - this might be my favorite album or book name of the year.

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