Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trent Williams and the Redskins Beat the Cowboys

It's Week 2 of the NFL Season and the Skins defeated Cowboys, 13-7, in the opener! 

There was not a ton of offensive production (only 250 yards and 26 minutes of possession), but Donovan McNabb looked poised and had one extremely nice scramble.

His stats were not gaudy (15 of 32, 171 yards, no touchdowns but no interceptions!), and McNabb brings us positive energy and leadership that we haven't had in years.

We scored on the last play of the first half when Tashard Choice inexplicably tried to break a run on the Dallas 30 and was stripped, with DeAngelo Hall running it back for a Redskins TD.

Romo drove the Cowboys downfield at the end of the game (including converting a 4th down to Miles Austin that we never should have allowed), but his last-play-of-the-game touchdown (a pass to a wide open Roy Williams) was called back because Alex Barron held Brian Orakpo.  I definitely felt we were lucky, but I'll take the luck to get a win over Dallas and get the season off to a positive start.

Today's Post has an article (here) about a major bright spot from Week 1 -- first round draft pick (4th pick overall), tackle Trent Williams.  Williams had one play blocking for Chris Cooley where he literally pushed his defender about 10 yards downfield. According to the Post piece, Chris Samuels has become a Skins coaching intern and is playing a significant role mentoring Williams:
Samuels is with the linemen on the practice field and in the meeting room. He watches hours of tape and helps Williams game-plan for pass rushers such as DeMarcus Ware and Mario Williams ... Samuels also has given Williams some off-field guidance, helping the rookie adjust to the NFL lifestyle. The advice might not be different than what coaches offer, but it's hard not to pay attention when the speaker represents everything Williams is striving for.
I like the mentorship focus -- Samuels is one of the few no-nonsense // no-showboating Redskins of the past decades, and I anticipate he will be a very good influence on Williams. 

AND, if we are ever going to build a strong team, it's got to begin on the offensive line.

I'm going to predict 8-8 for the Redskins this year, and 9-7 (or even 10-6) if the luck is really with us.

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