Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tom Tom Founders Festival and Guerilla Gardening

This is a 1937 picture of the McGuffey School

On Friday evening we had a great time at the Tom Tom kickoff event at McGuffey. The musicians played on the steps; this made for a cool semi-natural stage. The crowd (all ages represented, lots of families) had a palpable feeling of happy energy, accentuated by the weather and music.

The highlight was the in-process sculpting of a bear, with a bundle of kids helping to make the fur by imprinting their fingers into the clay. I felt fortunate to live in such a thriving community.


The past couple of years I have gotten much more interested in gardening. My dad has always loved to garden but I never saw the appeal while growing up. 

Now, though, I love the feeling of being outside and working in the dirt, even when it results (as it often does) in poison ivy on my arms. The highlight last year was a bed of zinnias which brought some serious color to our front yard. I'm going to plant zinnia seeds today.

This morning's Post has an article (here) about the phenomenon of "guerilla gardening". I know there's a Portlandia spoof readily available in the image of hipsters launching wildflower seed bombs into vacant lots, but I still love this idea. This is a social trend that makes me happy.

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