Saturday, September 29, 2012


On this week's Political Gabfest, John Dickerson chatted about the photograph above, which was taken in 1838.  The scene is a street in Paris, and it took approximately 10 minutes to expose/take the picture.

The shoe shine and his customer in the left-hand corner are believed to be the first people ever photographed.

Questions about photos:

552. What is the most iconic photograph of the past 5 years?  If you stretch the timeline to 2001, then several photos from September 11 are the most famous, but what about in the more immediate past?

553.  I used to have an extremely strong emotion associated with picking up a package of photographs after they were processed: anticipation, curiosity, excitement. I love digital cameras but kind of miss this emotion (although there was also the disappointment associated with unfocused or otherwise awful pictures).  Are there similar anticipation/curiosity experiences that I have nowadays?

554. Did people remember each other differently before photography?  In other words, has the ability to capture a person's face and image changed the way that our brains think about other humans?

555. What percentage of magazine covers are photo-shopped currently? 

556. Do more or fewer people make a living as photographers with the advent of digital photography?

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