Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lo Siento, Spanishburg West Virginia

This picture was the first image returned when I Googled "Spanishburg West Virginia". 
I love the craggy old tree on the left, the grey sky, and the barn (or are those church windows?) on the right.  Spanishburg appears to be about 30-40 miles north of Roanoke, fairly close to the state line. 

Each year David Horgan puts together a collection of his favorite music released during the year.

Horgan's Hits 2012 was an especially good compilation: lots of catchy melodies and a fair amount of twang and clappability.

I love the two songs by the Carolina Chocolate Drops (Mahalla and Riro's House).

Birmingham makes me think of our trips there, and Hush Little Baby (as adapted by David and Miriam) is a hit with my little (big) guy.

Best of all is Lo Siento, Spanishburg West Virginia by Scott Miller. This is a very fun song. I think there's some depth of meaning too, but the quick lyrics and infectious refrain distract me from thinking too deeply.

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