Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Future of the Wading Pool at McIntire Park

In today's Daily Progress, Rachana Dixit reports (here) that City Council will discuss (and listen to public comment about) the future of the McIntire Park wading pool at its April 6 meeting.

Mr. Huja states, in the story, that he took his kids to the pool and would prefer to keep it open if possible.

Interestingly, there appears to be confusion about whether the Meadowcreek Parkway/250 Bypass interchange would necessitate closing the pool -- anyway -- because the interchange will intrude into that portion of the park.

168. How can there be confusion about the boundaries of the interchange? Isn't this a hugely important (controversial) project in the City right now and wouldn't the plats/sketches (even if there are multiple alternatives) show the precise location for the road and interchange?

169. The earlier Progress article (which I wrote about here) reported that the rationale for closing the pool was financial -- it would cost $20-30,000 to bring it into compliance with Virginia's pool safety regulations. Given that the City is spending millions on the Smith pool, $20,000 seems like a drop in the bucket. What is going on here? Does the pool need to be closed, in any event, to make way for the interchange, and the City decided to focus on the cost rationale (which can be blamed on the state's overly onerous safety regulations) as a less-controversial basis for making the decision ?

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