Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music From Lars And The Real Girl

On my IPOD today I heard "Bowling with Margo" by David Torn. I hadn't heard it for a few months and it took me back, immediately, to last spring.

I just love this song and how happy it is. I think I will probably always have good associations with it because last spring was such an exciting time in my life. Rudy and I would walk around the neighborhood, and I'd listen to it (in between PTI and Diane Rehm), look at the sun, and smile.

145. What other music has David Torn done? Soundtracks? Does he do the music for the New York Times Book Review podcast? The one short tune on the podcast has that same catchy melody as "Margo."

146. Is a song still a song if there's no singing? I think Mozart may have had certain pieces called "songs" that didn't have any vocals, but what's the official musical definition of a song?

147. Why have I always liked music from movies so much? Is it because the music in movies tends to be cheery and I like that style, or is it because I like movies so I'm in a good mood when I hear the music for the first time? Do other people like movie music equally as much - I know Tuck does, but what about others?

148. Ryan Gosling did a fantastic acting job in this movie and in the prior one about the high school teacher with the drug habit - what projects is he working on now? Will he make the transition to blockbusters or stick with the artier stuff?

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