Saturday, April 4, 2009

The English Beat's "Save it for Later"

I heard this song on 106.1 this morning and I'm a fan.

It has a Who/Talking Heads sound to it, although Wikipedia describes the band (The English Beat, known in Europe as just The Beat) as "two tone ska."

Save it for Later was released in 1982; based on hearing it on 106.1 and its being their #1 song on I-Tunes, I assume maybe it's been re-released.

After the band broke up in the early 1980's, the members went on to form General Public (who Kimrey used to like!) and Fine Young Cannibals.
Sooner or later
Your legs give way, you hit the ground
Save it for later
Don't run away and let me down
An article in the Post this morning said that DC's last classic rock station is transitioning to a pop format to try to increase its ratings. Bad news for 3WV? I continue to get a kick out of turning on 3WV and their consistency in the playlist -- its still incredibly similar to what they were playing when I was in high school.

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