Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jason Campbell and Jay Cutler

This past week, the Redskins tried to engineer a trade for Jay Cutler, who ended up going to the Bears for Kyle Orton and two No. 1 draft picks.

During the week, Skins' management completely dissed Jason Campbell, and according to this morning's Post they held a damage-control meeting yesterday in which Snyder told Campbell that he did have the potential to be the team's franchise quarterback.

Campbell threw for 3,200 yards last year. I am still optimistic about his long-term prospects - I think he's becoming more of a team leader, and I like his ability to run. If he actually is given 5-6 years (doubtful, given Snyder's impatience), I predict he'll take us at least to a conference championship. I think the need offensively continues to be better receivers - I guess I admire Santana Moss's grit every once in a while, but there have been very few receivers on the Skins in the past 15 years that I've really liked (I'm thinking particularly of Albert Connell and Rod Gardner).

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