Saturday, April 4, 2009

A. J. Price and Lots of Other Seniors in Tonight's Final Four Games

The Washington Post has an article (it's here) about the fact that 18 of the 20 starters in tonight's games are juniors or seniors.

This is very interesting -- it belies all the reports of "one-and-done" players and how no one sticks around to play out a full NCAA career anyone. It also says something about the four coaches that they've gotten this level of buy-in from the players - further evidence for my theory that Tom Izzo and Roy Williams might be the two best college coaches currently. I'd be interested to see a comparison between these four teams and the Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight losers in terms of the percentage of upperclassmen.

Price missed his freshman season after having a brain hemorrhage. He was incredibly impressive in the Texas A&M round-of-32 game (very fast and great court vision), although Jeff Adrien's string of jump shots, during that game, will probably remain my lasting image from this tournament.

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