Thursday, August 6, 2009

Albemarle County Approves a "Photo Red" System

Brandon Shulleeta reports in this morning's Progress (here) that the Board of Supervisors approved, at yesterday's meeting, installation of cameras at three intersections to take pictures of cars running red lights.

The cameras will be at 29/Rio, 29/Hydraulic, and Richmond/Stony Point.

Individuals caught on camera will be fined $50; Shulleeta reports that "the camera systems are expected to cost the county about $4,500 a month, but officials expect the costs to be covered by the money raised from fines. Any extra money would go into the county’s general fund."

There have been 385 crashes and 37 injuries at the intersection of 29 and Rio Road in the past three years.

273. Didn't the City install a "photo red" system a few years ago and wasn't it shut down after only a few months? Or did the City try a different kind of system? There are still cameras at certain City intersections, but I'm unclear as to what they do.

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