Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Problems on the Redskins Offensive Line

I was in northern Virginia on Monday, and the sports stations were all-Skins-training-camp-all-the-time.

The major story is that the offensive line looks very problematic (there's a similar story to the same effect in this morning's Post).

Jon Jansen
and Pete Kendall have been released; Chris Samuels, Stephon Heyer, Randy Thomas and Casey Rabach are still with the team (the picture above is of Joe Bugel and Samuels).

269. Is Clinton Portis complaining about the state of the offensive line? Were there any trade discussions about Portis during the offseason?

270. The early reports on first round draft pick Brian Orakpo are upbeat. When's the last time the Redskins had a top pick who made an immediate impact?

271. Will Jim Zorn be more wide-open (a la the first-half of last season) or grind-it-out (the second half) this year?

272. FM 106.7 has become a sports talk station and it goes by "The Fan." This is (or was) the tagline for New York's main sports station. Do radio stations copyright their names? Did 106.7 have to pay to use "The Fan"?

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