Friday, September 11, 2009

Sultan Munadi, Stephen Farrell, and John Harrison

This is a picture of Sultan Munadi.

On Wednesday of this week, British special forces attacked a Taliban group who had kidnapped Stephen Farrell, a New York Times reporter, and Sultan Munadi, an Afghan interpreter.

Farrell and Munadi had traveled to the northern city of Kunduz in order to report on the NATO strike of the prior week that had killed about 80 civilians. Farrell was rescued but Munadi was killed by gunfire while running from the house where they were being held. According to John Burns (here), it's unclear whether the gunfire was from the Brits or the Taliban.

A 29 year old British soldier, John Harrison, was also killed during the raid.

Here is an excerpt from Munadi's profile on the NYT website:
Mr. Munadi, who was 34 and the father of two children, was in the process of studying for a master's degree in public policy in Germany. Back briefly in Afghanistan, he had returned to his role as a translator. He had hoped to one day work in public education to ease the problem of widespread illiteracy in Afghanistan.
A group of Afghan journalists criticized NATO for authorizing the British raid without first exhausing nonviolent means for trying to secure the journalists' release.

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