Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fanfarlo's "The Walls are Coming Down" and Alicia Keys' "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart"

The past 24 hours there's been an absolute blizzard in Charlottesville -- there must be about 20 inches of snow so far and, amazingly, it's still falling!!

The snow started around 4 PM yesterday afternoon, and road conditions got really bad last night; a number of people were stranded in their cars on 20 South, 29 South, and 250 West.

Since we were completely snowed in this morning, it was an even better Saturday than usual for listening to some new music. I looked at NPR Music's lists of top songs of the year and discovered Fanfarlo; they are a British band and Reservoir is their first formal release. The Walls are Coming Down is fun: alternative but peppy with a good beat and melody. Here's an excerpt:

They swallowed it whole, they went for the gold for the gold
We fall for the same lies, we all have the same shoes to fit
The preachers and books of your empire will fight here alone
Some day they will be forgotten and die one by one

I've always heard of Alicia Keys but don't think I could name one of her songs, but today I downloaded Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart and love it. She has a fantastic voice and the song's got these musical twists and turns that keep it interesting while -- as with Walls -- it's upbeat throughout.

Here are some pictures from the snowstorm:

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