Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sports Stories of the Decade, Part II

Billy and Dan both chimed in on the sports stories of the decade (here's the original post) ...

Billy: I think the rise and fall (and sometimes rise again) of athletes has been interesting. I mean who even remembers Kobe and his scandal? Then Vince Young went from top of the world after knocking off USC in one of the greatest college football games ever, to rumors he tried to kill himself, to being a hero this year again after Tennessee couldn't win a game with Collins. Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, McGuire, TO, and the list goes on and on.

(Billy, you are right-on with this one -- the fall and redemption (and sometimes fall again) of major sports figures has been an ongoing storyline of the decade)

Billy continued: My favorite sports story of the decade though has to be the autistic high schooler who they let play in a meaningless game who came in and lit it up. The youtube clip was amazing. Kid just kept draining 3's. Such a great feel good story.

Dan: I love the George Mason pick! Is that b/c you have a crush on the band director? I think Mike Phelps' bong hit pic should get honorable mention.

(Dan, Jim Larranaga is clearly the coolest coach of the decade -- if only UVa could have gotten him on board about fifteen years ago!! Re: Phelps, he'll probably go down in history as the Olympian of the decade, with Usain Bolt as a close second)

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