Sunday, December 30, 2012

Washington Versus Dallas For All The Marbles

The Skins are playing Dallas tonight with the NFC East Championship at stake.
It's 7-7, with 3 minutes left in the first half.  The Skins just went on a terrific drive that was highlighted by several amazingly strong runs by Alfred Morris.
Morris has had a stellar year.  The combination of him and RG III has made this the most enjoyable Redskins season in a very long time.  I really hope they can pull out the victory tonight.
The key play of the drive was a fantastic catch by Logan Paulsen on third down.  He held on, held on, held on to the ball: sheer determination, like the Gibbs-vintage Redskins, playing hard (and on an earlier drive, Leonard Hankerson caught a nice ball but did not showboat; he was business-like and went straight back to the huddle, in the best tradition of Art Monk).

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